Our Tips for Packing a Moving Truck

Our Tips for Packing a Moving Truck

When moving day comes, one of your enormous responsibilities is packing the truck. Whether a DIY move or a moving company, loading your truck requires expertise and caution. It needs knowledge, time, and energy to ensure your items are correctly packed and will safely reach your destination. You need to know how to maximize the space and lower the chances of damaging your items. Meyer Moving has given simple tips for packing a moving truck like a pro.

Gather Packing Supplies

Before the moving day, make sure you have packing supplies. Such include moving blankets, straps, boxes, plastic wraps, furniture pads, etc. This will ensure you have everything you need to keep your items safe. Remember, packing starts early. It would help if you had everything necessary to minimize damage and save time.

Detach Furniture

Furniture pieces are usually the most complicated pieces to pack. However, with precision and detaching them, it will be easy to load them. So, disassemble what can be disassembled. Take your bed apart, table legs, bed frame, and anything else. Remove the pillows from the sofa so they will be easy to pack. Disassembling ensure you don’t leave unused space in the truck when items cannot fit well. Take out drawers from desks and dresses to make it easy to distribute the weight and make it easy for you to carry them. You may also load the dressers with the drawers if that is what you prefer, but make sure the drawers are facing against the wall.

Load Heavy Items First  

Ensure you load heavy items first. This ensures you don’t break the fragile ones. So, load the heavy and large ones like the freezer and dishwasher and ensure they are upright. Then, load the moderately heavy ones like the sofa and tables, and make sure you use furniture pads to protect the edges. It would help if you also placed plastic wraps on them for more protection. After packing the heavy items, go for the long ones. Such include headboards, mattresses, and table tops. Ensure they are also upright and leaning against the wall for more space and a better cushion.

Pack Tightly

Ensure you pack your items tightly to avoid wasting space. Use original boxes to pack electrical appliances. You should also appropriately-sized boxes to pack utensils and other pieces. Use bubble wraps and paddings to minimize damage. If you have books, use sturdy boxes to carry them. In short, reduce the number of containers to ensure enough space for everything.

Load Fragile Items Last

Load boxes with books, appliances, and clothes. Ensure you also load everything else with the heavy boxes going first. That means the boxes with lighter and fragile items should go at the top. It is recommendable to pack them tightly and ensure there is no space between them. It prevents shifting that can cause damage during transit.


Packing items in a moving truck can seem like a lot of work. However, knowing how to do it the right way makes it easy and ensures you maximize the space. If it is too much work, go for a moving company. It will pack the items for you.

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