7 Reasons Why Choose Blue Mosaic Pool Tile For Swimming Pool

7 Reasons Why Choose Blue Mosaic Pool Tile For Swimming Pool

One of the first questions people ask when buying their swimming pool is what tile color they should use. Take a look at your neighbor’s swimming pool and chances are they have blue swimming pool tiles. Drive down the street and look at the fence and the homeowner’s pool is probably blue, too. But why are blue mosaic pool tiles used for swimming pools? Let’s take a look at everything there is to know about pool tiles so you can choose the right option for your new swimming pool.

Reflects with the sky:

Most swimming pool owners choose blue mosaic pool tiles for their pool because the color reflects the blue color of the sky. Blue is a highly desirable watercolor. Many vacationers seek out countries surrounded by blue ocean waters and white sand beaches.

Looks clear:

Blue mosaic pool tiles are also a popular choice as it looks cleaner to users than green tiles and dark plaster. Most people avoid the green color because it is an indication of algae or a pool that lacks the proper chemical balance. Other people avoid dark greens and browns because they represent dirty or moldy areas.

Provide a calming effect:

Immersing yourself in a pool with blue mosaic pool tiles will give you a sense of calm and relaxation for your best swimming experience.

There are many designs:

Yes, deciding on a mosaic art design will require some long brainstorming sessions. You can always go for some blues and greens and throw in a turtleneck or two. You can also go for abstract blue mosaic pool tiles involving some bright colors, so your pool looks like an acid trip, no need to wait.

blue mosaic pool tiles

Aqua represents life:

Blue is the color that people crave for watercolor because it represents water life. Also, blue is a beautiful watercolor, as is any blue ocean around the world.


The color and amount of hardscape and landscaping around the pool affect the color of the water. With blue mosaic pool tiles, water will take on a blue tone for pools surrounded by plants. If the pool is surrounded by plants (especially large trees), it will look greener and darker. If the surrounding landscape is desert-like, the water will appear clearer.

Water Condition:

Watercolor will fluctuate based on water balance. If the water is cloudy or algae is present, it will change the color of the pool. Cloudy water won’t reflect light the same way crystal clear water will, and you’ll lose that depth and vibrancy. Water that is green with algae, or yellow due to high concentrations of metals from well water.

Many blue mosaic pool tiles have a sharp effect that changes based on the angle of the light. The changing look throughout the day adds extra beauty and visual interest to your entire pool area. Water can also affect the color of the movement. A pool with a fountain or waterfall will look more vibrant due to the light prism created by the moving water.

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