What Should I Do When Getting Ready to Box up for a Home Move

What Should I Do When Getting Ready to Box up for a Home Move

If you are looking at moving all of your personal goods and home items from your present home to a new one, don’t forget that it is going to be a big job, and will include specific responsibilities that must be undertaken. Some will be more labour intensive than others, because packing has always been one of the biggest time-consumers of them all. 

Not many people enjoy making errors, but when you consider all the time and effort which goes into packing boxes, it’s not really surprising that mistakes will happen, so to help make your move with GAP Removals in Swansea, as easy as possible, here are a number of mistakes that many folks make when it’s time to move:


  • Most people need a week or two to fully pack up all of their belongings and get ready. Please don’t leave everything until the very last minute, as the removal company will be arriving on time at your home at an already agreed on time and the last thing you want them to see is you dashing around still packing! 

Going From Room to Room

Maybe the hardest thing when it comes to packing is choosing when to get the ball rolling. Try placing a box in every room and then start to place things in that you will not be using until after the move. Or, maybe try packing smaller things first, or work from room to room. Choose a date and time to help work out roughly how long it will take you to get every job completed.

The Proper Tools

Any job will get completed that much easier when you make use of the proper packing tools. If you’re short of boxes, tape, or bubble wrap, etc. it will slow everything down, especially when it occurs close to moving day. Get good tools and some extra tape (you can always use it later) just in case you run out.


Boxes are good and you may require different box sizes, all depending on what is to be moved. Grab some extra boxes just in case you run out.

Stickers Galore

Write down on stickers exactly what has been put into what box and then stick it on to the box. Plus the room in which it is to go in the new home. This easy task will make opening them later on that much simpler after the move. Having loads of boxes lying around your new home without any labels, is simply not a good idea! Plus, the removal team will know what goes where.

  • Any Fragile Items

One more error that people make is placing large items like picture frames and mirrors into perfect fitting boxes. It’s actually better to give fragile items some breathing space with lots of packing to lower the possibility of damage. By suing the above information, your move should go real smooth!

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