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How To Arrange A Long-Distance Move

About 14% of moves in the US are to a different state. Planning such moves can be overwhelming and require proper planning. While moving to a different state, you also need high-quality packaging supplies to minimize breakages to your valuables and should hire professional movers to ease the process. Are you seeking ways to arrange a long-distance move? Here’s how to do it.

  1. Hire a professional long-distance mover

A long-distance move involves a lot of dangers and risks both in transit and while packing and unpacking. You need the services of a professional long-distance mover company such as Sandhills Moving. The experts know how to pack and handle your valuables and will ensure stuff reaches the destination safely.

  1. Organize for the move

The success of your long-distance move depends on how well you organize and manage your stuff. You can create a moving checklist to achieve that. A checklist contains well-organized things you need to do before you move, arranged in order of priority. Your task will be to follow it to ensure you stay organized from start to finish.

  1. Sort out your items                                            

Sorting out your items is another way to arrange a long-distance move. It allows you to pack and move the necessary belongings only. Remember, packing and transporting things you no longer need will increase your moving cost and make your new place look stuffy.

You can sell or gift the uninvited things or recycle them. Selling those unwanted items will help you raise money for your moving budget.

  1. Prepare packing supplies

Protecting your items during the move is vital. It requires you to pack the properties safely using the right packing supplies. Such materials include cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, markers, etc. Ensure you have the items in advance to save time when packing. Also, buy extra supplies for carter for emergencies when packing or moving.

  1. Pack in advance  

Packing in advance is an essential tip for arranging a long-distance move. Don’t waste time, as a last-minute rush may lead to complications. After buying the packing supplies, begin packing. You can start filling the trickiest room, such as the storage area. It will save you time, and you’ll be less overwhelmed on a moving day.

As you pack, consider the safety of your stuff. A long-distance move means your items will spend more time on the road before reaching your new address. So ensure your boxes are strong so they won’t break under the weight of the items inside them. Also, please don’t make the boxes too heavy, as they will be challenging to lift and carry and will compromise your move.

  1. Pack an essential box

You’ll need essential supplies to survive during the long-distance move. Therefore, pack a few necessary items in your survival kit. Such stuff includes a change of clothes, toiletries, personal care items, medical prescriptions, etc.


A long-distance move involves a lot of tasks ranging from sorting items and packing to unpacking. Doing it right requires you to organize and prepare adequately. The above information will help you arrange your long-distance move successfully.

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